Album: Still Not (A)Live (2013)

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Song: (BRAINS)

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TeleZombies wew born in 2012 in Livorno, Italy.
After months of chaos lookin' for the right members, the band start its run, and the first achievement is being the opening band for the legendary Italian band
"Goblin", very well known for being the makers of most Dario Argento movies soundtracks. The first months of 2013 see the birth of their first EP "Not (A)Live",
made of 4 original songs and 3 covers, but the sound is not what they were looking for, so, after some shows in their city and near, they come back in studio
(not just a studio, but a mix of live recordings and studio sessions) to remaster the EP, so that "Still Not (A)Live" come out, completly remastered and with an
acoustic bonus track. But to promote the EP, Italy is not the perfect place, so in June 2013 TvZombies take a trip to the U.S. for the "Corpses Without Borders"
Tour with their American F(r)iends The Renfields. The tour is a blast and the band is already planning the CWB2, next year, with more shows in different states!